Issues arising under the Owners Corporation Act, Subdivision Act and Regulations, and regarding Owners Corporation generally, are discrete and require expert advice. At Oldham Construction Lawyers, we are able to offer expertise in advising Owners Corporations, their Managers, their Committees and members.

We are able to attend committee meetings to provide advice.

We have extensive experience in dealing with common property disputes including building defect claims. We have also advised Owners Corporation Managers, committees and members regarding service contracts and issues regarding lot liabilities and entitlements.

Daniel Oldham appears regularly in VCAT including in the leading decisions of Camelleri Ors v Oldroyd (2011), Boothey v Owners Corporation (2014) and Owners Corporation PS 547523Q v Ahmed (2017) and in the Supreme Court in Noonan v Renaissance Assets (2013) and Mashane v Owners Corporation RN328577 (2014).

We can also provide advice regarding common property disputes, including building defects and insurance claims. Daniel Oldham has delivered a seminar for the Australian College of Community Association Lawyers regarding common property defects.

If you would like more information regarding Owners Corporation and Subdivisions, please contact Daniel Oldham via email or by calling (03) 9640 0002.