Domestic Building Contracts – Know your rights before you sign!

Whether you’re building a new property or renovating an existing one, having the right building contract is vital to ensuring everyone knows their rights and responsibilities. Building contracts are necessary as they act as a reference point and legal framework for you and your builder. They are also crucial documents for setting the parameters for any disputes that may arise.

New Building Contracts

By law, a ‘major domestic building contract’ must be written for work worth more than $10,000 including but not limited to:

  • Renovations, alterations, extensions, repairs and any other improvements
  • Preparation of plans or specifications by the builder (including any preliminary agreements)
  • Demolition or removal of a home

All work over $16,000 must be insured, and all work must be done by a registered building practitioner.

Domestic Building Contracts – Know your rights before you sign!

Every project is unique and distinctive in its own right, and as a home owner you may require the expertise from a qualified construction lawyer to assist with the legal provisions and terminology that accompanies building contracts, and advice tailored to your specific situation.

Some of the considerations when entering a contract include:

  • The works – can I make changes? 
  • The contract price – lump sum or cost plus?
  • Timing – do I receive compensation for delay?

Contract Review and Negotiation

Domestic building contracts are highly complex. It is imperative to ensure your building contract does not include unfair or prohibited terms; which can lead to a lengthy dispute.

Our team of highly specialised building and construction lawyers have experience in identifying possible red flags in your contract, and most importantly ensuring your rights are protected.

We can take you through the terms and conditions of your building contract before you sign, and in particular, we will assist you in negotiating any special conditions to the contract, to suit all individual circumstances.

Our Services

While disputes can be unpleasant and time consuming, we will assist all our clients to assert and enforce their contractual rights.

Your building contract matter will be handled by our Director, Daniel Oldham and his dedicated team, who will strive to resolve any issues in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

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