Oldham Construction Lawyers can prepare and advise on a wide range of commercial contracts. We have experience in preparing Partnership Agreements, License Agreements, Sale Agreements and Distribution Agreements.

We also ensure that businesses comply with their responsibilities under both Victorian and Commonwealth legislation. For example, we ensure businesses comply with their obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Consumer Law.

Oldham Construction Lawyers also has experience in preparing lease documentation for landlords and tenants and their agents. We have experience in all areas of leasing including retail, commercial, agricultural, horticultural, industrial and residential. We ensure that landlords comply with their legal obligations.

Our team can provide advice on the issues that arise during the term of the lease (such as interpreting the documentation) and at the termination of the lease. We are experienced in dealing with leasing disputes either in mediation or litigation.

While we ensure that our documentation complies with the law, we also aim to make sure that it is simple to read avoiding technical legalese.

If you would like more information on our commercial law practice or have a matter that we can help you with, please contact Daniel Oldham or David Wills via email or by calling (03) 9640 0002.